Party Conferences

I am not the greatest fan of Party conferences, but for some reason I managed to catch bits and pieces of the so-called ‘big three’. Going into these conferences I was neutral, so who impressed me the most?

Well, first up, let’s look at the LibDems (we have to, sorry).

It was ok, however, I couldn’t help but feel Nick Clegg is living in cuckoo-land if he thinks that the electorate will appreciate that they ‘made hard decisions’ for the good of the country. Well the top 1% at any least. Sorry Libs, but you’re out next General Election.

Next up , Labour.

They actually had a good week and Ed Miliband gave a brilliant speech. He gave a brilliant speech. I had always thought that his brother, David, would be the better leader, but Ed’s starting to shine now. I may not have agreed with everything they said, but their conference showed that they were at least thinking about the issues that affect most of us, and it was refreshing to see that.

Last, but not least, the Tories.

I have never been a Tory, or even voted for them, but I will try to be impartial here (Nick Robinson please take note!). I thought they had a safe conference. Their front bench Ministers said the kind of things that the traditional Tory would lap up. However, they showed a real weakness in their policies. Yet again, they are targeting the wrong people: especially the unemployed. Dave’s speech was not inspiring in any way. For him to equate Ed Miliband’s type of Socialism, which is nothing more than a form of Social Democracy, to the old-style hard Socialism of the 1970′s, is just scare-mongering.

As I have said, I was a neutral going into these conferences. However, I think that Labour is starting to win the political arguments: they are showing more vision than the other two parties.

As it stands, I will be voting for Labour at the next General Election.


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