Blade Runner 2…

ImageI am a big fan of Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner movie.  In my opinion, it is the best science fiction movie ever made.

Everything about this film is perfect; soundtrack, visuals and acting.  One of the most moving and powerful scenes of the film is when Rutger Hauer’s character, Roy Batty, is about to die (as pictured here).

Rumour has it that Ridley Scott is now wanting to make a follow-up and Harrison Ford is wanting to be in on it.  I have a problem with this.

Despite putting in one of his best screen performances, Ford has never hidden the fact he hated the movie.  On the rare occasions he did talk about it, he came across as a bit of an ungrateful ‘git’ to be honest.  However, his roles seem to be drying up (not that he needs the money, I assume) so maybe he will take anything he can get.  Which leads me to ask, why should he be in it?  If I were Ridley Scott I would be asking myself that very same question.  Does he need to deal with an ungrateful brat of an actor?  I personally, don’t think that Bladerunner 2 needs Deckard to be the centre of the narrative.

Despite my little rant, am I looking forward to this film?  Oh yes!


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2 Responses to Blade Runner 2…

  1. Ford probably wouldn’t play Deckard, since Deckard’s a replicant and wouldn’t have physically aged like the human actor has. Maybe he would be a previously unseen designer who created Deckard, like the way they had Brent Spiner play his own much older designer in Star Trek TNG.

    • David Steele says:

      I can’t see how he would play Deckard either, but I think your idea of a maker is certainly workable (depending on story Scott actually wants to tell). My issue with Ford is that, now, after all this time of hating the original, he now wants to be in the follow-up.

      Thanks for the comment Mikey.

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