Scotland Yet…

Saltire - UnionI now live in England, but I was born and grew up in Scotland. I moved to England almost 17 years ago.  Now, after all this time, my thoughts drift back to a song written and performed by my dad, Davy Steele.


Dad was a folk singer, he was well-known.  He was passionate about Scotland and Independence.

He wrote a song called, ‘Scotland Yet’. The lyrics are:


Gie noo a thocht to what we hae, in this land o’ the leal

The Highland glen, the Doric stream, the fertile Lowland field

They seem tae offer different views when looked at from within

Can strangers be the only eyes to see us a’ as yin?



The choice will be upon us soon, tae set oor destiny

I’ll drink a toast tae Scotland yet, whatever yet may be.


Oor mither tongue spoke different weys,  that past tae present ties

Each seperate and yet entwined, that’s where oor real strength lies

For should one strand unwind itself the others tae forsake

Than a’ would be forever lost, fur a’ the strands would break.’




While we still seek to blame oor woes and pains on someone else

We’ll never have the strength tae solve oor problems for oorselves

In truth we fought each other mair, learn this from oor past

Then together we can choose fur oorsells at last.’


This is an exciting time for the people of Scotland, by this I mean everyone who lives there regardless of their country of origin. The debate hasn’t quite set fire in England, yet. However, from what I have seen and heard, the debate so far has come from mainly the Yes campaign.  They are gathering their local movements and going out to the country and engaging people in the debate.  The No campaign unfortunately, has resorted to scaremongering.  They have been quite negative in their campaign, so far.

A few months before my dad was diagnosed with brain tumours, we had talked about this song.  I had asked him why he never performed it live anymore.  His belief was that, in choosing devolution, Scotland had made her decision.

I know he felt that when politicians got involved in anything, they could spoil it very quickly.  I hope that, now the date for the referendum has been called, that the debate will be a good, honest one.

Am I hoping for too much?


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4 Responses to Scotland Yet…

  1. squonktrailhead says:

    so…I listen to Karine Polwart’s rendition of this song all the time…and the words, now, are HUGE! They were always lovely and meaningful, beyond even Scotland’s borders…but now they bring that home…thanks for posting they lyrics…I’ve posted the link to friends…we’ll be thinking of you next Thursday!

  2. David Steele says:

    Hi squonk.

    Well, we blew it. The Westminster Three came up with a few days to go and gave a half-baked promise of more powers. Enough people fell for it, and we are stuck with a corrupt and broken Union.

    Ah well, here’s to ‘Whatever yet will be’.

    Warmest Regards.

  3. David Boyd says:

    Your dads words “whatever yet maybe” are still true as the liars from the establishment may have won this round but we will win the fight. Hope over Fear

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