Liebester Blog Award

Hello there.

Life can be full of surprises, and it would seem that the same applies on the blogosphere.  I follow Regi McClain at, he is well worth a follow.  Anyhoo, he linked me to his Leibester Blog Awards and has set some questions for me to answer.  So here goes:

1.  Do you prefer to spend a leisurely hour at the library or the bookstore?

The Bookstore.

2.  Who’s the better friend? James Kirk or Luke Skywalker?

James Kirk

3.  Would you rather have tea with Buttercup (Princess Bride) or Sarah (Labyrinth)? (If you somehow managed to miss both – you know who you are –  pick between Queen Victoria and Annie Oakley.)

Hmm, Buttercup.

4.  Who was your favorite childhood author?

C. S. Lewis

5.  Do you have a favorite poem?

‘The Wild Geese’ by Violet Jacob

6.  What is your favorite reading snack, including beverage?

I’ve been known to love sour crème Pringles and a glass of chilled Pepsi Max.

7.  If you could climb into any novel and live in that world, which would you pick?

The First Age of Middle Earth from the Silmarillion.

8.  If you could pull the main character out of any novel to live in our world, who would it be?

Arwen from The Lord of The Rings.

9.  Among the books you’ve read, which had the most frightening villain and what made him or her or it so scary?

The Clown from Stephen King’s ‘IT‘.   It’s a clown.  Do I need to say anymore?

10.  What fictional character (novel or movie) do you think has the most wonderfully tragic death?

Novel – I don’t know about wonderfully tragic but Stephanie’s death in A. S. Byatt’s ‘Still Life’ is tragic

Film – James T. Kirk’s death in Star Trek: Generations is wonderfully tragic.

11.  Without looking it up (no cheating), what does “decadent” mean?


Very good questions Regi.


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2 Responses to Liebester Blog Award

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    That fear of clowns is pretty common. Is it the make-up or the enormous shoes, do you think? I had a friend who went to clown school some years back. She failed because she refused to use potty humor. (I’m not kidding.)

    Decadent means “characterized by decline or decay” but self-indulgent is the implied meaning. I looked it up many years ago because I’d only ever heard it in conjunction with chocolate cake until I read it in Dickens. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along! 🙂

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