Compassion missing…

This weekend on Twitter there were two stories that caught my eye and highlighted, to me, just how low we have sunk as a nation since 2010.

This image seemed to get a lot of mentions:

Anti-homeless spikes photographed by Andrew Horton outside a block of luxury flats on Southwark Bridge Road

These are the now infamous ‘homeless spikes’.  That’s right, we’ve now started to target the homeless and deny them places to sleep.  Have we really become so selfish, self-centred and heartless?,

Spikes are not solution to our homeless problem.  We need to deal with the causes of homelessness and provide a support network to help re-build these peoples’ lives.  We need to care for them: not shun them.

The other story is the one of Annette Francis (picture below):

Who is she?  She was 30 years old and had a son aged 11.  She suffered from a mental illness condition similar to being bi-polar.

When DLA was scrapped and replaced by PIP, she spent six months without receiving any benefits.  Unfortunately, her distraught family are still waiting for the results of the post mortem to find out exactly how she died.

Both of the above show a worrying shift in attitudes in the UK.  In the media and from our politicians we have seen an increasing demonisation of: immigrants, the poor, the ill, the needy, you get my drift.

Is this how we want to be?  Is this the ‘Big Society’ coming to fruition?

Is our compassion missing?


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