Oh dear…

This rather strange tweet appeared from Kezia Dugdale:

Now, Kezia Dugdale is the Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour and is an MSP for Edinburgh and Lothians. Still with me? Good. Now, up until 1992 Scotland had her very own steelworks based at Ravenscraig. Unfortunately it was closed when the Tories were in government. Who were the main political party in Scotland at the time though?  Labour!

I find it very strange that she should be gloating about the Scottish government having to use Chinese steel, when she should know that there is no Scottish steel industry left. I also find it peculiar to say the least that she even seems to be gloating about it. Recent polls have indicated that Scottish Labour face a complete wipe-out this coming general election. To be honest, if Kezia Dugdale is an example of what they have to offer, then I’m not surprised.


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