A painful night…

I really do need to get into the habit of blogging more (even if I do type a load of rubbish).

It has been a few weeks since the General Election was decided, but I have had to take my time in posting anything about it.

My first reaction was “what the hell have you done England?” but that’s far too simplistic.  In all honesty it was a low night with a few silver linings.  My ward is Wirral West, and Esther McVey was defeated – brilliant.  The second was that incredible set of results from Scotland – well done to the SNP.  Other than those though, it was a really bad night for me and for the whole of the UK as a whole (I’ll elaborate later).

The campaigns from the so-called main parties were negative: The Tories frightened enough people in England with an image of the SNP dictating to Labour in government (something that I am convinced Cameron will regret).   Miliband tried to pander to ‘middle England’ far too much.  The LibDems?  Well, their campaign was pointless as everyone except them seemed to think they’d be back in coalition government.

The most worrying trend that came out of the General Election was the four million people that voted for UKIP.  I have no time for UKIP or their policies, but I am really shocked/saddened/disappointed that so many people voted for them.  Owen Jones, the Left-wing commentator seems to think that these people need to be engaged by a positive message, but I think that it’s too late for that.

I am not very optimistic about the next five years, and I worry for the state; of education, of the NHS and for the community spirit within the UK.  The last time the Tories ran government themselves they almost destroyed the country – now Cameron can let his wrecking ball loose on us.

God help us.


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