It’s Official…

So…Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are not really all that important when it comes to matters of the UK.  Thank you Supreme Court for clearing that up.

Just what is the UK?  We were told that we were a family, a collective, a better type of togetherness.  Well, I think we can safely say that the cat is out the bag and we really aren’t anything at all.   We can do what we’re told, we can go where we’re told to go, but make our own political decisions?  Hell no!

If today’s decision is not enough to sway any Unionists in Scotland to finally see that they are thought of as nothing more than a subject by the British State and they’d be better off in an independent Scotland, then nothing will, and I will always feel sorry for them.

What now though for the SNP, Greens and the broader Yes movement?

The SNP need to really consider their word carefully and make their next move decisive.  Do they or don’t they push for a second referendum?  Sooner or later (preferably sooner) they are going to have make that decision.

The Greens need to keep doing what they are doing: support where necessary and criticise where it’s warranted.

The Yes movement…hmmm well that’s a completely different puzzle altogether.  It can’t be seen to be centred around the SNP, but at the same time I don’t want to see it hijacked by the vacuous mouth-pieces that are Cat Boyd or Angela Haggerty and their ilk.  Who should head it up?  Finance it?  Give it direction?  When some made the battle cry of ‘get the old band back together’ my initial reaction was ‘No! Let’s not”.  They failed the last time.  They didn’t resonate enough with the public.

The Labour Party in Scotland are in terminal decline, The Conservatives in Scotland are very arrogant considering they have 1 MP and a bunch of list MSP’s, as for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, well, one word sums them up – woeful.  We need to look to the SNP, Greens and any independents to look after the best interests for Scotland.

This really is a crucial time for Scotland.  She’s being pulled out of the EU against her will, she’s been slapped down and told that her voice, where Brexit is concerned, is not important.

What happens here, today, will determine the type of country that Scotland will be in the future.


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