A union by any other name…

The recent debates in Parliament over Article 50 were disgraceful and yet, left me feeling much happier about the SNP MP’s sitting in Westminster.

When I heard Mr Hoyle stating that he had been generous by ‘allowing’ the SNP to speak, I have to confess brought some rather un-Christian thoughts to my mind.  The arrogance and contempt that he displayed towards the SNP was pretty much the standard shown by most MP’s in that corrupt establishment.  The treatment of Joanna Cherry was completely disrespectful and Hoyle and the rest of the MP’s that laughed and jeered should feel ashamed of themselves.

However, the SNP MP’s, throughout the whole debate were, I think, bloody marvellous.  Every time one of them spoke they came across as someone who knew what they were talking about, something that can’;t be said for some of the other muppets that go there.

Richard J Murphy, had this to say:

I haven’t always been that impressed with the SNP at Westminster, but I cannot fault their work-rate or their professionalism.  It can’t be easy to be surrounded by so many muppets and still be the effective opposition that Labour aren’t.

Unfortunately, Scotland’s been told that it’s leaving the EU regardless of how it voted, and her Parliament has no say whatsoever in the Brexit process.  The UK is not a political union it’s a dictatorship.  The Right-Wing of English politics now ‘tells’ the rest of the UK how to be.  This, simply, is unacceptable.

So what now?  I can’t believe I’m about to type this (because I genuinely never thought I would come to this point) but if I were Nicola Sturgeon I would withdraw my MP’s and declare a referendum and use it to completely trash the false idea that Westminster is democratic.

It’s time for Scotland to get out of the cesspit before she sinks forever.


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