During this last week I have learnt the value in not under-estimating people, on this particular occasion it happens to be my sever year old son.

Our eldest son is thirteen and is very bright, academically.  However, recently we had a parents evening at the school of our youngest and had a really good talk with his teacher.  We couldn’t have been happier at what we were told; he works hard, is really polite, but he is doing really well at his subjects.

He has a bit of a speech impediment and is left-handed, so at times he has found writing awkward.  The quality of his hand-writing though has really improved and he loves English, both written and reading work.  He is, we were told, a bright boy.  

Maybe because he is our youngest, that we’ve treated him, at times, as if he is still a baby.  Perhaps we’ve even unconsciously allowed his speech impediment influence the way we look at him?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that he is giving it his all at school and is a bright young man.

I won’t make the mistake of under-estimating him again.


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