Let them have it…

I am sitting here on the other end of a computer staring at a screen and I feel angry, no, make  that…really angry.  Why?  Well, in all honesty, and I can’t believe that I am going to be so blunt here, but just how f*****g stupid do people in Scotland need to be that they are happy to tactically vote for a Tory candidate in order to stop an SNP candidate being voted in?  Really!  Please someone tell me!  How stupid are they?

This Tory government are one of the most evil and incompetent government’s we have ever had and yet…and yet there are quite a number of clowns out there who are happy to vote for them.  Their contempt for the administrations in Scotland, Ireland and Wales by not even discussing Brexit with them is breathtaking.  Even now,  they still have no idea what they are going to do.  Oh yes, they posture and gesticulate to Europe, and for what?  For May to openly admit that she will walk away with no deal if she has to.  Already there are companies moving their successful businesses to an EU-based country.  This is only going to increase.  We are all going to suffer for this.  But hey, let’s vote for them as long as it isn’t the SNP.  If you vote for a Tory candidate then you support:

  • The Rape Clause
  • Infants losing their free meal at school
  • Old people having to use their houses as collateral for their care.

But…even more than that…you’re a traitor to your own country.  Are you really happy to see Scotland being pulled out of the EU against her wishes in order to stay in the UK?  Are you ready for the job losses, the economic collapse that will happen?  Is the UK worth that much to you?  Your own children’s, grand-children’s and their children’s futures will be very hard and for what?  An incompetent Tory government and a UK that doesn’t care about you or your country.

Is it really so bad that the SNP are asking that once we have seen the Brexit deal that the people of Scotland should be able to decide if it’s for them by having another referendum?  Is it really that bad?

The trouble is that the SNP have made it very easy for the other Parties to snipe at them because they have, by and large, been very good in not only Westminster, but Holyrood too.  Yes, they have made some mistakes and not everything goes to plan, but, and this is a very big point I have to make here:  they have protected the people of Scotland from the Bedroom Tax, Prescription charges, Uni fees and Winter Fuel Payments.  The NHS in Scotland is the best performing in the whole of the UK.  And still there are ungrateful gits out there moaning.  Even today, Nicola Sturgeon pledged to protect the care for the elderly.  So, I have an idea for the SNP (an idea which they’ll rightly ignore) stop protecting Scotland from the worst of this useless government.  Introduce uni fees, prescription charges, means-test Winter-Fuel Payments and bring in the Bedroom Tax.  Let the Scots take the full hit.  Labour, Tories and LibDems won’t be able to moan because those are the very policies they defend by wanting Scotland in the UK.  If those policies are good enough for the English and the Welsh then they’re good enough for the Scots.

You don’t know how good you have it in Scotland, you’re spoiled and it’s all thanks to successive SNP administrations.  If you want something to moan about come and live down in England, that’ll shut you up.  Actually it probably won’t, you’d still blame the SNP.

Let them have it Nicola, let them have it all.


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