Hold your nerve…

It’s taken over a week for me to come to grips with what is going on with politics in the UK as well as Scotland.  I do apologise for this, however, here goes.

Let’s get one thing straight right now; despite what many would have us believe, the SNP won the General Election in Scotland.  To win 35 seats after winning the most seats in the Holyrood elections and making gains in the council elections too, I think is an incredible achievement.  So to those who claim that indyref2 should be taken from the table, I’d simply say, “get stuffed”.  The SNP will never have a clearer mandate than they do now.

However, I am absolutely furious with the likes of Tommy Sheppard, Kenny MacAskill and the rest who are claiming that Nicola Sturgeon should withdraw indyref2.  Sheppard also makes the ridiculous claim that the Party needs to move further Left, ehm, no Tommy it doesn’t.  If he’s not happy then he can leave.  Simple as that.  I’ve never had much time for him anyway.

I have been surprised at how quiet the leadership seems to be at the moment but I trust Nicola Sturgeon’s judgement.  This is something I think the Party membership needs to do.

Hold your nerve.


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