Journey to Yes…

These brilliant videos are worth watching:

Thanks to Phantom Power for these.

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A good bit of intolerance…

Yesterday, I lost some followers on Twitter because I had dared to suggest that the Scottish parliament should not be suspended for the rest of the day but to carry on as usual.

“How dare you, show some respect for the dead” I was told.  The comment that made me really angry was the inference that I was saying it because I wanted the Indy vote to still go ahead, which is utter rubbish.  I live in England and it doesn’t affect me one way or the other if that vote had taken place.  I would have said the same thing regardless of what the business of the day was.  How dare someone try and state that about me!

I had every sympathy for what was taking place, and I felt sorry for those that were killed or injured, but, it was not Holyrood that was under attack.  I believe, that in the face of terrorism the best thing to do is carry on our daily business as usual.  If we don’t, then terrorism wins – plain and simple.

By all means, disagree with me, but unfollow?  Really?  At a time when the so-called supporters for a new referendum talk about being inclusive and respect those that voted ‘No’ last time, they unfollow you because they disagree with something one says or thinks.  They don’t sound very inclusive to me.  If this is what an independent Scotland would look like, then you know what, I don’t want any part of it.

There is no place for intolerance, especially where freedom of speech is concerned.

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Here we go…

Well she did it.  Stealing thunder from Theresa Mayhem’s expected announcement on triggering Article 50, Nicola Sturgeon has announced that she will be seeking Holyrood’s permission to hold a second referendum for Scottish independence.

So what now?

The first thing that I hope to see is that people, regardless of who they vote for, realise that this referendum is not about a vote for the SNP but it is a vote for a democratic Scotland.

Secondly, I hope that the Yes movement encompasses those who believe in independence but vote; Tory, Labour and LibDems.  Can you imagine a movement that boasts voters and members from all the main parties in Scotland?  I can, and it’s an awesome thought.

Thirdly, I want to see a much better co-ordinated campaign that is inclusive of not only Bella Caledonia and the likes, but also Stu Campbell of WingsOverScotland.  Like him or loathe him, he can produce some brilliant journalistic pieces that shreds the arguments of those who back the Union.

Lastly, let’s not get involved in any mud-slinging.  Let us focus instead, on uniting and ultimately winning the democratic right to govern ourselves…and yes, get out of this rotten-to-the-core political union.

We can’t scream and shout and call people names when they still, for reasons known only to themselves, cling to the UK.  We all need to show them that there really is a better way.

I don’t think the BBC, Sky or most of the media have learnt anything since 2014, and certainly going by last night’s evidence I would say it might be even worse.  So folks, we need to hold fast, rise above it and win, but win with a smile.

Alba gu bràth!

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The state of this…

The Scottish Tories are full of no marks, this one is no exception to the rule.  I just have one question for Mr Golden; “What promises did Westminster keep exactly?”

Remember when Cameron spoke about EVEL minutes after the referendum result.?  Or how about the so-called vow that never happened?

The UK Gov thought that Scotland would go back into her little box.  I hope that Scotland is about to prove them wrong…and finally…finally, turn her back on this wretched union.

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A union by any other name…

The recent debates in Parliament over Article 50 were disgraceful and yet, left me feeling much happier about the SNP MP’s sitting in Westminster.

When I heard Mr Hoyle stating that he had been generous by ‘allowing’ the SNP to speak, I have to confess brought some rather un-Christian thoughts to my mind.  The arrogance and contempt that he displayed towards the SNP was pretty much the standard shown by most MP’s in that corrupt establishment.  The treatment of Joanna Cherry was completely disrespectful and Hoyle and the rest of the MP’s that laughed and jeered should feel ashamed of themselves.

However, the SNP MP’s, throughout the whole debate were, I think, bloody marvellous.  Every time one of them spoke they came across as someone who knew what they were talking about, something that can’;t be said for some of the other muppets that go there.

Richard J Murphy, had this to say:

I haven’t always been that impressed with the SNP at Westminster, but I cannot fault their work-rate or their professionalism.  It can’t be easy to be surrounded by so many muppets and still be the effective opposition that Labour aren’t.

Unfortunately, Scotland’s been told that it’s leaving the EU regardless of how it voted, and her Parliament has no say whatsoever in the Brexit process.  The UK is not a political union it’s a dictatorship.  The Right-Wing of English politics now ‘tells’ the rest of the UK how to be.  This, simply, is unacceptable.

So what now?  I can’t believe I’m about to type this (because I genuinely never thought I would come to this point) but if I were Nicola Sturgeon I would withdraw my MP’s and declare a referendum and use it to completely trash the false idea that Westminster is democratic.

It’s time for Scotland to get out of the cesspit before she sinks forever.

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It’s Official…

So…Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are not really all that important when it comes to matters of the UK.  Thank you Supreme Court for clearing that up.

Just what is the UK?  We were told that we were a family, a collective, a better type of togetherness.  Well, I think we can safely say that the cat is out the bag and we really aren’t anything at all.   We can do what we’re told, we can go where we’re told to go, but make our own political decisions?  Hell no!

If today’s decision is not enough to sway any Unionists in Scotland to finally see that they are thought of as nothing more than a subject by the British State and they’d be better off in an independent Scotland, then nothing will, and I will always feel sorry for them.

What now though for the SNP, Greens and the broader Yes movement?

The SNP need to really consider their word carefully and make their next move decisive.  Do they or don’t they push for a second referendum?  Sooner or later (preferably sooner) they are going to have make that decision.

The Greens need to keep doing what they are doing: support where necessary and criticise where it’s warranted.

The Yes movement…hmmm well that’s a completely different puzzle altogether.  It can’t be seen to be centred around the SNP, but at the same time I don’t want to see it hijacked by the vacuous mouth-pieces that are Cat Boyd or Angela Haggerty and their ilk.  Who should head it up?  Finance it?  Give it direction?  When some made the battle cry of ‘get the old band back together’ my initial reaction was ‘No! Let’s not”.  They failed the last time.  They didn’t resonate enough with the public.

The Labour Party in Scotland are in terminal decline, The Conservatives in Scotland are very arrogant considering they have 1 MP and a bunch of list MSP’s, as for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, well, one word sums them up – woeful.  We need to look to the SNP, Greens and any independents to look after the best interests for Scotland.

This really is a crucial time for Scotland.  She’s being pulled out of the EU against her will, she’s been slapped down and told that her voice, where Brexit is concerned, is not important.

What happens here, today, will determine the type of country that Scotland will be in the future.

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Part of the problem…

Sometimes when I am on Twitter, someone makes a comment, the kind of comment that I can’t help but put in my tuppence worth.  So when I see someone from London making fun of Nicola Sturgeon wanting Holyrood to have powers over immigration, naturally, I couldn’t resist.

I just wanted to leave one of his comments here…

The ignorance is astounding, especially when you consider how well WM has managed the debt of the UK.

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